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What's Coming:

Welcome to the Parent Support Group for CSID. We are currently in the process of updating this website. The links to your left that are underlined are operational. The support group, with the help of volunteers and interns is posting a major revision to the website that will include menus, current research, on-going research projects, and lots of recipes. We will also be updating nformation regarding symptoms, phenotypes A-F and I-VII, and information regarding identified genetic mutations that result in this disorder. New sections are being added on infant formulas, and baby foods. A sample letter will be added for school age children who need assistance with absenteeism due to CSID related issues. Hospital and Emergency room information will be updated to include more dietary information for hospital dieticians, and ER staff. We would like to thank our interns who are working on the project.

Thank you for your patience!

What is New!

Added this week:

Induction Diet, JJW, NB & MS
Numerous additions to Food Composition Charts, LS

What our interns will be working on this month:

Bob's Red Mill Products
Infant Formulas
Baby Foods (Gerber, Beech-nut and several Organics)

Previous Up-Dates:

Uploaded recipes 224-229 (including candy recipes) NB
Uploaded recipes 170-194 JJW
Uploaded recipes 195-223 LS
Updated food composition tables for Sweeteners (Up-dated 25 Nov 2013),
       Remaining Additional Sweeteners available commercially added.
Reloaded Root Beer Float Recipe-NB
Uploaded sixth batch of Recipes-LS
Uploaded fifth batch of Recipes-NB
Updated food composition tables for Sweeteners (Up-dated 9 Nov 2013), Additional Sweeteners added
Uploaded third batch of Recipes-LS
Uploaded fourth batch of Recipes-JJW
Added two new food composition tables:
     Other Foods
Updated Typical Emergencies for CSID children
Added MedicalAlert Foundation Information
Added New section of Sucrose and Starch free Vitamins
Uploaded first batch of Recipes-MS
Uploaded second batch of Recipes-NB
Updated food composition tables for Eggs
Updated food composition tables for Baked Goods
Updated food composition tables for Meats
Updated food composition tables for Fruit
Updated food composition tables for Seafood
Updated food composition tables for Nuts and Seeds
Did a second revision of food composition for Vegetables adding more.
The updated food composition tables include foods from Africa, Canada, China, Europe and the United States.

Food Composition tables for Vegetables
Food Composition tables for Grains
Food Composition tables for Dairy

















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